Thinking about renting but don't know where to begin?   What's involved in securing a home?  What's my budget? What do I ask when viewing a property?

Renting can be confusing, but we're here to help.  The below information should help answer a few of the questions you may have about renting but, if you wish to speak directly to a property manager in your area, click here.


What do you want?

It's not always easy finding the place that's right for you so consider the following when deciding;

  • Location - how close do you want to be to work, school zones, transport, local amenities, beach, cafes
  • Term of Tenancy - how long do you intend to stay in the property/area? Do you want a short or long term lease? If you are wanting security of tenure, say for a school year, you may need to consider asking for a fixed term tenancy
  • House features - Do you need a fully fenced site, a garage or off street parking?
  • Pets - do you have animals that need to be taken into consideration?  will you need to pay an extra bond?
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Search for a Property

Once you have written a 'wish list' you can start looking for your ideal property.  

Call Us - call your local Richardsons Real Estate Office and speak to a property manager about the type of property you require

Online - we have many rental properties on our website, and new ones being listed all the time.  These can be found on our rentals page - click here.


View properties

When viewing the property, don’t forget to take the opportunity to ask some important questions, like:


Apply for a Rental Property

Simply contact your property manager to complete the application process.


Renting with Pets

Many tenants have pets and the last thing you want to have to face is rehoming a loved member of the family because your new house does not allow animals.  Here are some tips to find a home for both yourself and your pets.  


Be honest - Be honest and upfront. Landlords appreciate tenants being straight up and may be open to the idea of a pet.

There's no such thing as too much information - Include as much information as possible in your application. What breed are they? How old? Do they have long or short hair? Do they stay home alone during the day? Where will they sleep? Do they bark?

Include references - Provide pet references if you can. These go a long way. You could get these from a previous property manager or landlord, your vet, doggy day care or trainer.

Offer to pay the full bond - Tenancy agreements can include a pet clause, outlining what will happen in the event of any damage. Landlords can also request the full four weeks bond.



Before you move in

Prior to you moving in, your Property Manager will have completed an entry inspection or in-going inspection report.  This notes the condition of the property both inside and out and any issues there may be, and supply you with a copy. It's your job to check the report and add your own comments and photos. It's the best way to avoid problems further down the track.

What should I check?